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“The staff were all very nice and friendly and seemed truly happy in their work. The Doctor was very knowledgeable and I appreciated that he started with conservative measures. I definitely would recommend this office to others. Thank you so much!”

“The whole staff was great and Dr Korn is exceptional.”

“All employees are outstanding and definitely know their jobs and do them with ease. They all take the time to let you know the plan and how they will accomplish it in the shortest and safest amount of time possible. I feel welcome and confident my issues will be taken care of the best they can. I will definitely recommend this office!”

“Dr. Korn & his crew are amazing. He explained everything about the procedure I was getting & made me feel very comfortable. Great people in this facility. I feel blessed to have been sent to this office after having a bad experience with others. I will definitely recommend this facility to family & friends.”

“First time I could tell my Dr actually read my chart and info prior to my visit-yay! Thank you”

At Haven Spine+Pain, we utilize a personalized approach, tailoring the treatment plan to the needs of each patient.

We believe in treating the physical, mental and emotional aspects of pain, while addressing the root cause. We help patients set lofty goals and work together to achieve them through individualized treatment plans that include a variety of healing techniques. From acupuncture, yoga, and medical massage to advanced procedures and clinically proven medications, our approach to pain management provides life-changing relief to West Michigan residents looking to regain an active lifestyle.

Haven Spine+Pain is now accepting patients. Please continue to visit our website, signup up for email updates, or like us on Facebook to learn more about our providers and our approach to pain management.

Referring Providers

Our care team is focused on helping your patients achieve life-changing relief. If you would like to learn more about our approach to pain management and our simple referral process, please schedule a meeting with our office. We understand the importance of coordinated, seamless care for your patients and you and look forward to discussing our approach and process.


Exercise & Pain

Exercise & Pain

It may seem counter intuitive to promote exercise in the setting of chronic pain.  When a person experiences pain, their natural inclination is to limit their movements to reduce the amount of pain they are experiencing. However, research has shown that movement, if...

Seeing a Pain Management Physician

Seeing a Pain Management Physician

At what point should you seek a pain management specialist for your pain? If you have been experiencing persistent pain for three months or longer, which regularly impacts your quality of life, you should seek the help of a pain management specialist....

Multimodal Therapy – What is and Why it Works

Multimodal Therapy – What is and Why it Works

Pain has been a constant in the human experience since the beginning of time. Yet, healthcare research regarding pain continues to evolve. Every year more is learned about how our bodies respond to pain and ways to treat it. As far back as the 1600s, physicians used...

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